Friday, February 13, 2015

working on the text art project...STILL.

I am finishing my text art project and SHOULD be finished in the next few days. I pasted the cut strips of the book onto each of the characters' bodies and that took a lot longer than I expected, but I finished! I have glued the characters facing each other on the open pages of the book, I liked this formation because it keeps the feel of the friendship that the characters have in the books. I am now laying the cut strips of the book across the bases of the characters to make them look like they are morphing out of the book. After this, I plan to put a little watercolor over each character to give it some color. It will not be very detailed, just a quick thin coat of paint in the character's color. 

Hooray, first text art project!

Dig Deeper:

For this project I created a Pinterest board and found a bunch of cool things that were related to Text Art. 

Two Challenges:

I liked how a lot of the art pieces I found created words out of iconic symbols/letters so I made my own! It incorporates a lot of websites we see and use "today".

I also really liked a lot of the blackout poems and I had never made one before so I found a cool page on space and had fun with that.

Where I'm at: 

I like how a lot of text art pieces incorporate layers and I really like the idea of using newspaper. I also really like books and those are similar to newspapers so I went off of that idea. For my final project I decided to make the characters from Winnie the Pooh (one of my favorite books) morph out of the pages of the book. Right now I am making the characters out of Sculpey and "paper mache-ing" words from the book onto their bodies.