Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Metaphors in Art

The objective for this project was to express a metaphor in my project, to capture an idea and portray it through a piece of art. I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of this project and looking at works from other artists. 

Here's a link to my Pinterest board, I went through and picked out pieces of art, advertisements, and quotes that captured the theme.


I found this image on Pinterest and it really resonated with me; I felt like it was very insightful and I liked how the composition of the piece and all the details explained the point of view of the artist. 

I also went through famous art pieces and analyzed the metaphors included. 

This made me think more about problems in society today, especially things that bother me. I decided to do my piece about teenagers and the obsession with cell phones and how "their worlds revolve around their phones."

I used prints for this project, cutting out the colorful parts and used black ink to print. Before I printed though, I painted the planets (the background color of the faces) then went back and printed on top of them. Afterwards, I painted the rest of the picture black and added stars to create the outer space theme.