Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Touch the Wall!

I recently finished my "time in art" project! I started the project brainstorming things that have to do with time: clocks, pendulums, sundials etc. I looked at things that change over time such as plants or food. 

Then I moved towards things that happen at certain times such as a sunrise or sunset or a snapshot of an event. About eight years ago, my brothers and sister and I were being too obnoxious so my dad sent us outside to play. It just so happened to be during a hurricane, but my siblings and I suited up and went for a walk around the neighborhood. A local newsman saw us walking and took our picture, we didn't know we had been photographed but later he pulled over and asked us what we were doing walking around during a hurricane. I like this picture because we were not positioned or posing for it, but it captures all of our characters; my brother is just enjoying it, catching raindrops, my older sister is leading the way, holding the umbrella, I am cautiously looking around, and my youngest brother is tagging along, not even under the umbrella. I thought this captured the idea of time in art because this was just a quick moment in time but it captures so much. 

 I am a swimmer and swimming is a sport that is completely based on time so I decided to focus on that. I messed around with my friend's GoPro and was able to get some cool screenshots from the videos I took. 

I selected a photo where my hands have just entered the water and I am lunging towards the wall. I really liked it because it captured the movement of the water with all the bubbles and light and dark spots. You can also see the black "t" in the background which marks where the wall is. This captures the essence of time because my hands are about to touch the wall but haven't yet. 

I sketched out the picture and like the composition but the pencil wasn't capturing the look of the water well. I decided to use oil pastels because I could blend them by using baby oil. This helped develop the texture of the water. 

Ta da!