Thursday, January 2, 2014

Questionable, scale, proportion

This projects theme was questionable. I thought of many things that are uncommon, or mythical. Some ideas were Chicken Little, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Godzilla, and aliens.

Then I went to impossible-seeming things such as a ship in a bottle and snow globes. Then I tried to think of things that are not commonly found in snow globes... like people! I decided to try to make a person trapped in a snow globe with their face and hands pressed up against the glass. The face and hand would be the focal point so I decided to make them bigger than the rest of the body.

Now the small person used scale, the difference in the size of the person's body used different proportions, and the idea of a person trapped in a snow globe was questionable. I really liked this idea but as I was developing it the snow globe idea fell through because of my lack of snow globes. The next best thing was a jar, some my idea changed again. The jar did not resemble a snow globe enough so then I tried to think of things in jars that could go with a person. Anything in a jar with a person would be questionable and fireflies are caught and put in jars! Because I made the limbs of the person with wire, the fireflies also were made with wire and some metal.

I liked the incorporation of the wire fireflies and the limbs of the man because it tied all the mixed medias together (clay, glass, and the yellow beads)

This was not as much a risky project, but more of a spontaneous one. Most days I did not know what I was doing and my plan changed multiple times. I was very fun though because I was able to experiment with clay, the solderer, and wire and sheets of metal. This was not my favorite project, but I did really enjoy working on it and experimenting with the materials so it was a good learning experience.